About us.


PigeonKing is the only brand management agency in the world that offers a streamlined brand building system for companies looking to connect with their community & rule their market - in a world where remote operations are here to stay.


Brand management is a team effort

If your team isn't communicating effectively, they will regularly sabotage each other. That's why conversations between you and your teams must be productive. When the governing principles of your brand are accessible, consistent, and explicit, your team has everything it needs to collaborate in strategic ways to accomplish your brand's long term goals.


It's only when leaders and their teams unite under the umbrella of common vision and strategic execution that the world (and their company) can become a better place, for everyone.

That's why we're here.


We help CEOs manage brands

PigeonKing exists to help CEOs get their brand together and do more with their (usually limited) resources.

We envision a future where private enterprises (not governments) continue to solve the world's problems. We assist CEOs in maintaining a reciprocal relationship between strategic thinking and creative enterprise by improving their brand strategy & communication with all stakeholders.


Our mission & values

Every day we move closer to our vision by encouraging & challenging CEOs to articulate accessible, consistent, and explicit instructions so all their teams can execute their vision in a united and consistent response.

We believe in:

Being Adventurous

Be the mouse who seeks new cheese. Don’t be impulsive though, calculate your risks. It’s a cat-infested game and fortune favors the well-prepared.

Acting Boldly

You’ll never earn your wings if you don’t take a bold leap of faith. When the time comes, don't hesitate. The meek face a fate worse than death.

Speaking Charmingly

Cheese goes best with honey, and your words are most effective when sweet. Be kind to the ears of others and you will be rewarded for it.


The PigeonKing Coop


Strategic Advisor

A digital marketing manager & strategist for 10 years, Vaggelis has been involved in helping CEOs design and build authentic marketing systems that attract and convert clients who are aligned with their core purpose.


By combining clear pitch-architecture with his own intuitive questioning process, Vaggelis enables CEOs to develop certainty, clarity and commercial viability that lasts.


Vaggelis is the CMO of PigeonKing as well as its CoFounder.


Creative Mentor

As an independent marketing creative contractor for 15 years, Tasso has been involved in developing and producing the key marketing assets & creative systems for over 180 brands globally.

His work has directly contributed to the rapid expansion of many startups including Hubdoc, a FinTech company based out of Toronto, Canada which was acquired by Xero for $70M USD.

Tasso is the CEO of PigeonKing as well as its CoFounder.


Color Scientist

Maria helps leaders create a consistent personal presence with their brand’s values & philosophies while preserving their individual & authentic selves.


By combining her intuitive understanding of color with over 10 years of experience in fashion, style, and makeup, Maria has created a method that unifies brand presence with personal presence in an authentic way.


Internally, Maria is responsible for directing Vaggelis’ and Tasso’s personal presence and is a shareholder of PigeonKing.