Do you.


Rule your own, turquoise lagoon

In an era of thirsty scavenging and uncertain times, it's good to be King. Ruling a private piece of the market (a turquoise lagoon) may seem impossible but we're here to tell you that not only is it possible, but it is the only viable solution for a company wanting to thrive in a market that grows more saturated by the minute.


Owning a strong position in the minds of stakeholders*, one that differentiates your company from the competition in a substantial way, will bring your company's brand equity to new heights. Only companies who respond in a single, unified voice - consistently - will win markets and build trust within the communities they help create & lead.

* a stakeholder is anyone who is impacted by a company including (but not limited to) investors, founders, managers, employees, customers, etc.


Only Brand Masters are fit to rule.

Let's define what a brand really is.


It's important to remember that a company does not own its brand. The brand is not the logo nor is it the website. A brand isn't the company's name and it certainly isn't a single person (even if you call it a "personal" brand). Your brand is not what you say you are...

It's what  THEY* THINK you are.
* stakeholders

If you're a control freak (i.e. CEO, Brand Manager, Marketing Director, etc.)  like us, this bothers you. The truth is that the only control anyone in your company has over the brand is by influencing how the company is perceived by your stakeholders through your actions (Practice), your verbal communication (Preach), and your non-verbal cues (Presence).


If your company is consistent about practicing what you preach and you maintain a brand-aligned presence to all stakeholders, be prepared for massive scale and expect to own an unrivaled position in the market.


Stay true.

Brands can no longer afford to remain inconsistent.

When a company is committed to consistently communicating its core message, it not only influences the conversation, it leads it. That's why it's so important to master the three P's: Practice, Preach, and Presence


That's why we're giving you this CoreBrief

It's the first step to creating your single-most-important source of truth you need to rule your turquoise lagoon.


A CoreBrief is the first foundational step in your journey to becoming a Brand Master and ruling your turquoise lagoon. If you are committed to articulating your brand's message clearly and consistently, the CoreBrief is the single-most-important source of truth you will command as you grow your empire. It's time for your company to own a strong position in the market and an unshakeable presence in the minds of your ideal customers/clients.


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