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There's a better way to get delicious ad copy.

Finding the right words to make your client's products &/or services stand out can be a challenge when you have so many other things on your plate. And every day that goes by, without verifying your offer's pitch messaging, costs you and your client more & more money... but you're too busy putting out other fires nobody else can handle.

Our experienced team of marketing writers will craft custom-tailored Facebook AdCopy for your to test, so you can save your time, energy, & resources for more urgent things. We'll crank out the copy for your advertising campaigns and report back to you with an interactive report you can edit and share.


Isn't it time you got some help?

End Copywriter's Block

With us you'll publish highly engaging content, faster. Just fill out our form and we'll do the rest. Life is so much easier as an editor than a copywriter.

Increase your Hourly Rate

Copywriting is below your pay grade. The truth is that you can charge more when you outsource this creative task to your minions (that's us!).

Be your Client's Hero

Nobody needs to know we're the ace up your sleeve. We're here to make you look good. Just pass off our work as your own and watch your clients shower you with praise.

Split-test effectively using our copy

We'll crank out copy for your advertising campaigns and report back to you with an interactive report you can edit, share, and use to develop your Facebook Ads.


Your time is valuable

We believe you have more important work to do than to write marketing copy for your client's ads. Don't waste your time and energy on creative you can outsource to a dependable team with decades of experience producing marketing assets.


Choose your Package

We have a group of trained conversion copywriting experts, art directors, and advertising specialists who follow proven rules and frameworks for various platforms we support. 

Input your Product Data

Once we receive your payment, we will send you an input form. All we need from you is a few details about your product and brand and we'll draft our best copy.

Edit & Share your Ad Copy

Receive your AdCopy in an interactive PitchBrief with the ability to select which creative to Test and which to reject. Once you've selected your favorites and/or edited them, share the doc with your PitchTest team.



AdCopy Plus

AdCopy Pro

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lowest price

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5 Hooks

5 Bodies of Copy



Design Templates

7-Day Refund Policy

Ability to Share

Ability to Comment




10 Hooks

10 Bodies of Copy

5 Curated Images


Design Templates

7-Day Refund Policy

Ability to Share

Ability to Comment

Ability to Edit

Eligible for PitchTest


25 Hooks

25 Bodies of Copy

10 Curated Images


Design Templates

7-Day Refund Policy

Ability to Share

Ability to Comment

Ability to Edit

Eligible for PitchTest

PitchBrief Template

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I interview?

YOU shouldn't interview anyone! That's our job. But if your question is how to choose who to interview, you will need to first send out surveys and then use the rating calculator (we provide) to grade the respondents based on their cost and benefit.

The main reason we strongly oppose you interviewing your clients alone is that they won't give you the truth. People are rarely open to sharing their feelings because they feel responsible for yours. This is why you need a trusted and objective third party to ask the questions for you.

Who should I ask to fill out the survey?

We recommend you survey EVERYONE who has purchased from you in the past. Ideally you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool from which you can find their contact information, otherwise you will need to dig through past correspondence to find them.

How long will the interviews be?

When a survey responder is willing to be interviewed (one of the survey questions) we perform a deep dive interview that lasts between 45-60 minutes.

How can I get people to commit to an interview?

After you've reached out to past clients to fill out the survey, they will select their preference for an interview. Personal messages asking for them to fill out the survey and being open to the interview helps, as well as offering an incentive to those who are resistant.

We have Survey & Interview Request Boilerplates that will aid you in this process and will be given to you when you sign up.

Who will be involved in the interview?

Your client will be interviewed by two members of our team. One who will lead the interview and the other to take notes while the interview is also being recorded for transcription purposes.

Will the Interviews be recorded?

Yes. Recording interviews allows us to relisten to the calls and spot patters or to share soundbites with you and your team. We also use the recordings to create marketing & sales copy by transcribing the audio.

Do I need any tools or software?

All you need is a link from us and a way to communicate with your clients (email, phone, etc.). We will take care of the rest.

What will I do with the information gathered?

Everything we capture will be stored, transcribed, and analyzed for content and be transfered to a Messaging Guide. In the Messaging Guide you and your team will have access to all the insights and boilerplate copy (social pitch, elevator pitch, formal pitch, etc.) gained from the TrueFan Deep Dives. This copy is actionable and can be used by your creative team to develop marketing and sales assets (logo, website, marketing funnels, brochures, etc.)