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We start by sending your customers a request to be interviewed

Before we can begin to evaluate whom to interview, our quest for gold begins by reaching out to all your past & present customers with an interview request. For those who agree, we send them a PreInterview Survey.


The goal is to get as much information as we can, before the interview, so we can make relevant and emotional questions, spanning these areas:



🤱🏻 Date of Birth

♀️ Sex

🌎 Country

📍 Zip/Postal

🎓 Education

❤️ Relationship

👶🏼 Number of Kids

💰 Personal Income

🏡 Household Income

🏛️ Political View

✨ Religious View



☀️ Default Day

🖥️ Frequently Used Sites

📚 Favorite Books

🏌🏻‍♂️ Outdoor Hobbies

🎮 Indoor Hobbies

🗞️ Favorite Publications

🍿 Favorite Movies

🎸 Favorite Bands

🎧 Favorite Podcasts/Streams

👑 Admired Leaders

🤩 Brands Loyal To

Social Media Use

👥 Facebook Use

📷 Instagram Use

📂 LinkedIn Use

🐦 Twitter Use

🤖 Reddit Use

▶️ YouTube Use

📱 TikTok Use

Customer Journey


🧗🏻‍♂️ Journey Intensity
🌪️ Problems (Point A)

🏆 Goals (Point B)

📦 Products Purchased

👔 Services Purchased

⚔️ Competitive Landscape


⛳ Results

😅 Ease

💵 Price

💎 Quality

⚡ Speed

💬 Communication

🤔 Clarity

Brand Alignment

📣 Net Promoter Score

🎖️ Value Alignment

🥊 Impact Rating

🤩 TrueFan Rating

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Then we reveal your best-fit customers.

Using our custom-built dashboard, informed by our unique Opportunity Evaluating Algorithm (OEA), you will rate your customers based on the cost of serving them and the value you receive.

Combined with the impact you've made in your customer's lives, rating your customers will help us easily identify which customers are best-fit for the next part of the process: Deep-Dive Interviews.

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Once you identify your best-fit customers, we conduct the interviews.

When we perform our Deep-Dive interviews with your TrueFans, we ask specific questions to gather information regarding their journey, the pain they faced before becoming aware of your product, and the solutions/goals they hoped to achieve.

Paramount to this discovery process is documenting the actual language they use so that we can duplicate it in your messaging boilerplates. We use all of this information when building your brand's communication palette.

From this process we produce these assets together:

TrueFan Profile


🎭 Behavior Analysis (DISC)

⛳ Goals

⛰️ Desired Outcomes

⚡ Pains with Old Solution

🐀 Catalyst

🧗🏻‍♂️ Buying Journey

🚷 Buying Objections

🎖️ Winning Value Proposition

👍🏻 Satisfaction

🌤️ New Opportunities

📣 Word of Mouth Pitch

👤 TrueFan Avatar

Brand Messaging

⛰️ Brand Purpose

💡 Core Idea

🌎 Brand Vision

⛳ Brand Mission

🎖️ Brand Values

👑 Company Avatar

🎯 Target Market

🏳️ Positioning Statement

🤺 Positioning Strategy

Product Message

💬 Product One-Liner

🚠 Elevator Pitch

✏️ 100-word Description

✒️ 500-word Description

🌪️ Problem Space

⛱️ Current Solutions

🥊 Product Impact

⭐ Product Features

🌈 Product Benefits

🏆 Metrics of Success

🏴‍☠️ Competitor Claims
⚔️ Response to Competitors

💎 Value Points Boilerplates

🥇 Bragging Points

Communicate your value effectively

Help your best-fit customers intuitively understand the value of your products by diving deep into your relationship with them.

TrueFan Survey & Rating Calculator

Get basic information about your customers and find what your past & current customers really think of you and your competitors.


Identify your happiest customers and evaluate their importance to your business based on a top-level analysis of cost vs. benefit.

✅ Survey Request Templates

✅ Survey Form

✅ Dashboard

✅ Customer Rating Calculator

$25  Free

TrueFan Deep Dive Interviews

Get a deeper understanding of what makes your happiest customers tick, click, and buy from you so you can uncover your unique authority and product position. Make informed decisions about how to market, and sell with less waste.  

✅ Deep Dive Interview(s)

✅ Post-Interview Insights

✅ Video of Interview(s)

✅ Interview Transcript(s)

✅ TrueFan Profile(s)

 $250 / Interview

Marketing Copy & Pitch Boilerplates

Get an outline of your positioning map and a structured messaging guide so creatives can write & design your brand & product pitches for you. Use your own customer's language from Deep Dive Interviews to direct your sales & marketing endeavors.

✅ Brand Messaging

✅ Product Messaging

✅ Copy for Sales/Marketing

✅ BrandBook

✅ Access to Creative Partners


No obligation or credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I interview?

YOU shouldn't interview anyone! That's our job. But if your question is how to choose who to interview, you will need to first send out surveys and then use the rating calculator (we provide) to grade the respondents based on their cost and benefit.

The main reason we strongly oppose you interviewing your clients alone is that they won't give you the truth. People are rarely open to sharing their feelings because they feel responsible for yours. This is why you need a trusted and objective third party to ask the questions for you.

Who should I ask to fill out the survey?

We recommend you survey EVERYONE who has purchased from you in the past. Ideally you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool from which you can find their contact information, otherwise you will need to dig through past correspondence to find them.

How long will the interviews be?

When a survey responder is willing to be interviewed (one of the survey questions) we perform a deep dive interview that lasts between 45-60 minutes.

How can I get people to commit to an interview?

After you've reached out to past clients to fill out the survey, they will select their preference for an interview. Personal messages asking for them to fill out the survey and being open to the interview helps, as well as offering an incentive to those who are resistant.

We have Survey & Interview Request Boilerplates that will aid you in this process and will be given to you when you sign up.

Who will be involved in the interview?

Your client will be interviewed by two members of our team. One who will lead the interview and the other to take notes while the interview is also being recorded for transcription purposes.

Will the Interviews be recorded?

Yes. Recording interviews allows us to relisten to the calls and spot patters or to share soundbites with you and your team. We also use the recordings to create marketing & sales copy by transcribing the audio.

Do I need any tools or software?

All you need is a link from us and a way to communicate with your clients (email, phone, etc.). We will take care of the rest.

What will I do with the information gathered?

Everything we capture will be stored, transcribed, and analyzed for content and be transfered to a Messaging Guide. In the Messaging Guide you and your team will have access to all the insights and boilerplate copy (social pitch, elevator pitch, formal pitch, etc.) gained from the TrueFan Deep Dives. This copy is actionable and can be used by your creative team to develop marketing and sales assets (logo, website, marketing funnels, brochures, etc.)