But extracting that copy is near-impossible, by yourself.

The problem is gold nuggets are purposely hidden from you, often because customers feel uncomfortable​ sharing them. Perhaps they worry about hurting your feelings or perhaps they have an aversion to conflict. Maybe they're fearful of losing connection with you or maybe they just have a general resistance to being vulnerable.​ Whatever their reasons, they are resistant to giving you the truth, THEIR truth. And without that, you're back to square one; guess-work.

That's why you need an independent third-party who will communicate with your customers on your behalf to:

  1. Uncover the truth from past & present customers

  2. Develop a focussed and brand-aligned Customer Persona based on targetted TrueFan Interviews

  3. Organize a messaging guide with reusable boilerplates to attract more brand-aligned customers like them, in the future.