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If you are a solopreneur, whose business...

  • Needs to grow but has limited resources

  • Is being overlooked in the market

  • Is being considered by prospects but not converting into sales

  • Needs to reach a broader target market; or

  • Is marketing but not getting a return on investment


but can't afford to waste time writing content, please read below

We know that writing is a problem a lot of founders face when they are asked to create content for their business. For a founder who can't afford to waste time, writing is a pain in ass task. In fact, most founders are not sure what they need to say, or why. The time-consuming part is to get what’s in their head out on paper where it can start spreading their ideas, helping potential customers, and generating leads.

That’s where we come in. 


We believe that the voice of the brand matters just as much as what you sell. 


Our mission is to take you out of the role of writing and get the content out of your head as fast as possible, keep the gold and publish it to the world. 


We’ve spent countless hours thinking long and hard about an ideal system to write as quickly as possible. To write without writing.


And, you know what we’ve found?


The fastest bandwidth way to get information from your brain and out into the world is through your mouth. At least, until we figure out how to extract the thoughts directly from your brain without you having to express them. But right now, there’s no faster way than talking.

However, if you’re just talking to someone, that’s a one-time thing. You’re impacting only one person. And it’s hard to scale. But when you’re talking to someone… and you RECORD that conversation… that changes everything. Now your conversation is digitized and it becomes an asset you can multiply.


And that’s where all the leverage is. Because that one conversation you had with one person at that one time…

That digital asset becomes the source for unlimited forms of content (and a book is just one of them) that you can multiply and distribute… and exponentially increase your impact.

Soon we are launching a beta service to get you in front of the right people no matter what your market or budget is.

If you want to be among the very first to get access to our beta service, sign up below to join our early notification list. 

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